Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Thoughts On #2 - 1st Major Update

Hello mateys! This is my second "My Thoughts On" where I give my ideas, suggestions and thoughts about anything of the game, today, I'm gonna give my thoughts on the 1st Major Update of Pirate101.
Recently, we got some puzzle pieces from official fansites and the Pirate101 Facebook page. A day later the 2 puzzles got finished! Amazing how the P101 community is.
From the images we got to depict 2 worlds.
The first being Aquila:

How did we guessed it was Aquila? By the bird statue that's right. These two images probably mean that these 2 new worlds will come to Pirate101.
Now, Aquila, Aquila was a world mentioned in Valencia and some other places, the flag of Aquila is black with a yellow bird on the middle as seen in Captain Avery's "house".
It was carved in a pillar in Valencia that it was once a great world but was "destroyed" by war. On the image we see what looks like a city, we can depict a Minotaur statue there, a lake and another statue on the front. By the looks of the buildings, it looks like it's Greece-themed. We can also see a new look of what is possible the looks of the ships from Aquila.
Next, is Marleybone:
Thanks to Stars of the Spiral

At first people weren't sure if it was Marleybone, but I'm 90% it is, why? The lighthouse, the night sky, the wheel and the ships in the back. The ships are Marleybonian, the wheel and the lighthouse are common of Marleybone in the Spiral and night sky is for sure a thing in Marleybone.
In the photo, it seems like a hurrican passed by, why? A ship without sails on the left can be seen, I'm pretty sure Marleybone is in some kind of fight.
Now, why would we go to Marleybone? *SPOILERS ALERT* In the last part when you defeat General Tso in Mooshu, Rooke appears and tells you he has urgent business in Marleybone, that could mean something, only time will tell...


  1. Your retarded, everyone has confirmed "your" thoughts. Ever fact you given was taken by somebody else in the community, BEFORE THESE PICTURES WERE SHOWED. Your a punk ass loser and don't even credit people. TugaPirate, ha, suck my dick!

    1. When the images were first revealed, I also had my thoughts, me and the whole community had some identical opinions, which still don't delete the status that they cant be mine, don't know if you read the whole post but there are some things the community didn't thinked at first like it being Marleybone, my first thought on the first puzzle image was "Marleybone" which most of the people didn't believed.
      Also, I credited people for the images, learn a thing, opinions not are from just one people, everyone has different opinions.
      And watch your tongue please, this is a blog, not some kind of swear street. You can post your opinion, but let it be a good one.