Friday, April 26, 2013

Puzzles Solved! Marleybone and Aquila!

The Pirate101 community was smart and in the same day, we all got to join the pieces and make out 2 complete images.
The two of them show what we will be seeing in the next update (hopefully this weekend), the worlds of Marleybone and Aquila.
To those who don't know, Marleybone is a world that first debuted in Wizard101, it's based on Old England and it's population are mainly dogs, cats, rats and frogs.
Aquila is a world that was first mentioned in Pirate101, it's supposed to be based on the "New World" times and Greece, it's main population know by now are eagles and possibly hawks.
Here are the two complete images, enjoy, I'm very excited and I think you and I can't wait for this new update coming soon.

Provided by Stars of the Spiral

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