Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A BIG expansion coming! Marleybone and Aquila

Everybody get excited!
Yesterday, the folks at mmorpg.com released some concept art and one screenshot for the next big expansion for Pirate101!
The concepts are amazing and so is the screenshot.
Here they are:
This looks like a Marleybonian Library, but what happened here?
This sure looks good, is it doing magic?
Mistery in here for sure, are those stones shaped in eagle form?
Nice concept art, I wonder what it means...
My favourite for sure, just can't wait to visit this town!
C'mon KI, release this into the Test Realm!
We can't wait for the massive update, and I think you can't too, I'm pretty sure that this will come veeerryy sooon!
See ya in th'Spiral!

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