Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pirate101 Mania 1st Blog Party was awesome!

The party is over (it was about 2 hours long) and it was pretty cool.
If I remember (yeah my memory isn't the best >_>) there were about 6-7 people.
It was very good, thanks to those who made it (if I remember, Peabotz and Le Poncho from Central, Devereaux from her very cool blog, Matthew that doesn't have a Central account and didn't even knew about the party but happily joined it and someone else who I'm sorry I forgot what's her central name).
The winner of the race with 3 persons was Morgan, got her what I could.
We got lots of gold, some stuff to sell and Phule's Wand, in about 30-60 mins of farming, can't remember the correct time.
I have some screenshots that I will leave here (I also got my first house :D), thank you all for coming and I hope you return next year!!

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