Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Gryphon and Mini-Minotaur Pet! Arrrgust finishes in style!

And Arrrgust finishes at last pirates!
This was a wonderful month, with fan-site contests, Left-Handed Day, Mooshu Furniture and now ending with the Gryphon mount and Mini-Minotaur Pet, two Aquilian legends that will help you and be by your side.
So, what are you waiting you scallywag? You can get that Aquilian beauty for 7,500 crowns and that mini but strong buddy for 2,000 crowns, go get 'em!
Also, a shout-out to Destiny's Travels blog. she was very kind to present Pirate101 Mania on her blog, if you can, go see her big blog with lot's of fanfics, cool ideas and tons of great posts!

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