Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Thoughts On #3 - 2nd Trip to Valencia

Arrghh pirates o' th' Spiral!
In this post, I will give you my thoughts on what is going to happen and we are going to see on the next update which most of the community thinks (and it's kinda confirmed) it's going to be the 2nd trip to Valencia out of 3 planned.
Attention, there may be spoilers ahead!
After Meowiarty helped us with the message, we are very probably heading to Valencia, to find the so called G.
Who is him? An important person is all we know.
We are entering Valencia and I think it will be very difficult to find G., but after we meet him, he will tell us many stuff we wanted to know for a long time.
The PC should get a companion or two on this journey: unicorns, guinea pigs, crabs...
I guess we will visit the Venice-like city we saw some screenshots of on the Pirate101 Website, a pretty place, we'll maybe see some merchants and things we would see in a normal city, but I think it keeps many mysteries.

After all, we should get to one point where we will confront an Armada Elite, and my guess goes to Phule, we saw him first in Marco Pollo's Tomb and quite a time as passed, so, maybe it's time to meet him again, and have a serious fight with him, since we just fighted some of his minions.
With his 2 personalities, I think the fight would be pretty interesting.
I think we would know more about "Queen", that misterious girl Armada Elite, in fact, she is the only one that wasn't officially revealed.
Also, maybe another Bishop fight? I think we may just see him.
New powers of course, a level cap of 5 or 10 is my guess, with new gear, ships, companions and enemies, we just have to wait to see what is hidden in the emerald stormy skies of the mysterious and beautiful world of Valencia.
Sidenote: 100th post!

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