Saturday, June 22, 2013

Marleybonian Golems!

Yer a lover of Marleybone? Or you just want a lil' golem as your pet? Or may even want to ride in a giant steam-working golem?
Well, that's yer day of luck, the Pirate101 Crown Shop just received two new little surprises, one of them we (the community) already saw coming, the Transport Golem Mount, it looks like one of Gracie Conrad's golem minions, and a fine mount it is, ride fast on a cool looking mount!
Or you may want a Lil' Labor Golem pet? He may be made of metal, but it is still very neat and cute.
For 9,000 crowns you can get a cool looking fast mount and just for 2,500 crowns you can get a pet by your side.
Choose now, the Golems are waiting!
Lil' Labor Golem
Transport Golem

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