Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pirate101 End of Beta Party!

ARRR MATEYS!! How were your travelin's goin'? Yesterday, there was the final Beta day, the End of Beta Party that was organizated by Paige, it was so cool, everyone was saying goodbye to Beta and was a huge party, if you weren't there, don't worry, I have some screenshots for you!

Me with the host, Perilous Page!

Everyone lined up and dancing!
So much order in this
The group photo of the Pirate101 Central members!
Me with Stephen, the guy that was streaming on Pieces of Eight Radio!
40 seconds left and everybody was saying their last words on Beta
The last seconds, and then, everybody was gone!

It was really fun and thanks everybody that was there, it was one huge cool party, and now, a new adventure of pirates will begin, the new Era of pirates begins Monday, hope to see you there!!

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