Friday, October 5, 2012

Pirate101 Beta Gift + Prepaid Cards + Crowns and Membership

Well, mateys, today KingsIsle released a bomb of news! We get to know what's the Pirate101 Beta Gift, the new prepaid Gamestop cards, the prices of crowns and membership and the zones pricing!
Pirate101 Beta Gift
Pioneer's Eyepatch
Beta players and players who bought the Boochbeard Bundle or the Gandry Bundle and logged in at least one time on the Beta will receive this amazing reward, the Pioneer's Eyepatch! This token is unique and there will only be one like this ever! The eyepatch in brown and has a silver star on the midde, pretty piratey isn't it? Also, the token comes with the card, Rouse, which gives you a minor healing, I'm sure it will come handy! For more information, go to the page promoting the item! (
Gamestop Prepaid Cards
Cutthroat Bundle
With this new bundle from Gamestop, you can get pretty much what every pirate wants!
Sharktooth Ship!
Cutthroat Outfit!
Skullcutter Cutlass!
Shark Companion!
Castaway Island House!
1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns!
You can see the outfit, the ship, the companion and the house in the image above (thanks to my cousin Marta Nunes)! You can get this special bundle in Gamestop for $39 right now!
$10 and $20 Prepaid Cards

If you want to get a lower price but tons of fun, you can also option between the $10 and $20 prepaid cards!
The $10 prepaid card offers you a cool crab pet and 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns and the $20 prepaid card offers you a fantastic walking octopus pet and 2 Month Membership or 10,000 Crowns!


You can get more information here and go buy the prepaid cards on the Gamestop website!
Chapter Pricing
Now you are asking, how do I know how much do the areas in crowns cost? Well, you can check right here, all you need to know about that theme.
The pricing is divided by books, each book has a certain number of chapters, instead of getting an area, you get a chapter, there are 12 books right now, but with more content, more will be added, each world has a certain number of books, it depends in how long the world is, for example, for Monquista, you only need one book (4,497 crowns for this book), for Valencia, half a book (1,499 crowns for Valencia), for Cool Ranch, you need 5 books with a total of 12 chapters (it gives a total to play all of Cool Ranch, 27,988 crowns) and for Mooshu, you only need 2 books with a total of 7 chapters wich costs 20,993 crowns.
It's not too much counting that Pirate101 is a great game with great graphics and systems!
Also, tomorrow, at 5:00pm Central, the Beta servers will shut down, in Monday morning, we all can play!
Well, it's all for today, hope you enjoyed and keep sailin'!


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