Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Classes - Privateer

The Privateer is the commander, the leader, the healer, call it whatever you want but believe me, it's a great class, If you are a Privateer then you must have many companions, why? Because you don't have many brute strenght and you need more companions to help you on that, but don't worry, you have strategic plans and you are a great healer, everyone will want you in their crew!

The Healing Pirate Class

 It's also very good to be a Privateer, because you will make many friends and you will heal your companions and friends, just train well your Reinforce power and you will heal all you friends at once.

The Commodore 

He is one of the few residents after Captain Avery took over Skull Island, he is a strategic and proud Marleybonian admiral, he doesn't have such a good memory, he is a great privateer, he is the Commodore!!

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