Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Classes - Musketeer

The Musketeer is the ranged class, they use range weapons, like guns with light and they also are tricky, they also use traps to slow down their enemy to have a safe place to shoot from. Beware the Musketeers.

Watch out for the Musketeer's Trap!

Musketeer's are tricky pirates, you don't wanna step in a explosive don't ya? Well, be carefull because the Rain of Mortarshells may be you new nightmare, this iconic power can set lots of explosive traps around the area.

Ol' Fish Eye

Ol' Fish Eye was just a keen-eyed pelican when he travelled around the Spiral, he became a shooter in the Marleybone army, but in the Polarian Wars, he jumped to a pirate ship, he travelled with great pirates like Captain Avery, Erica the Red and Catbeard, and now he is teaching how to be a great shooter.

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