Friday, December 20, 2013

Revisiting the 1st Trailer

Everyone remembers when Pirate101 was first announced right? No? Oh well, to let you know if you have been eating many Yum cheese, it was announced the 25th April 2012.
That's a curious date, why? Well it's a very important date here in Portugal, 25th April 1974 was when the Carnation Revolution happened, a military coup that happened in Lisbon (Portugal's capital) that overthrew the regime of the New State (Estado Novo), it's probably the most important celebration in Portugal, that's how I always remember when P101 came out.
So, if you don't remember the trailer, I will enlighten your mind:
First, we see two ships firing each other, an Armada Ship and Boochbeard's ship, probably in "tribute" to the tutorial, next up we have a closeup on Captain Avery with two pirates, a Swashbuckler (with Tricky Vinny) and a Musketeer (with Louis Le Bisque).
Following we get to see the Buccaneer school with Mordekai, a learning buccaneer and Sergeant Shepherd, after that we see the same Sergeant Shepherd attacking some "flies" on a Mooshu ship dealing 0 damage (lol) and we see Avery's Court with some pirates passing through.
I remember the speculation of what that dragon was, people though it was a companion, good to know it was a pet later on.
We see a Yakooza battling some Armada Musketeers and some ships getting fired.

Monquistadors on the Presidion, Taro Moomori battling Armada minions Egg Shen's critical strike animation, Jonah Town and The Catspaw follow up next.
Aside we have Captain Gunn's Tomb, a Cutthroat battling the same flies on Mooshu (probably hinting at that Cutthroat Bundle) and Ratbeard battling some horses, probably the first hint to Cool Ranch.
Finishing off we have a look at Avernus Skyway, the Monquistan Crown, The Volcano|, Aragon Skyway and to finish off Flotsam with a Swashbuckler standing on the rig.

We know all that now, but before, believe me, it was SUPER fun speculating, and I can't wait to do it again when a new 101 game is announced or when new P101 hints come out.

This has been Victor Hawkins, and let the nostalgia begin!!

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