Friday, November 15, 2013

Pirate101 Empire Bundle! New house, companion, galleon and battle standards!!

A new Pirate101 $39 bundle just got released, the Empire Bundle!
This Aquila-themed bundle comes with the exclusive Lady Centaur companion, a musketeer classed aquilian, the first standard in the game (will explain below), a outfit for true gladiators, a beatiful Villa, a new galleon and 1 month of subscription or 5,000 crowns.

Battle Standards are a new complete system in Pirate101, these work like powers, taking a slot on your power tokens page(s). After your putting one on the battlefield, they give you specific boosts according to the description. In this first standard, all of your Aquila companions (including the new Lady Centaur) are given 50+ Accuracy and 50+ Strength.
As part of the new bundle, KI also released a video explaining bit by bit every cool thing you can get in this bundle available at GameStop.

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