Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blog Updates #3 - October 2013

Ahoy pirates, here are some nice changes and informations to keep ye updated in th'blog:
  • As you can see, the banner is a little bit different, just added some Halloween and Birthday theme onto it, I'll do this little changes in 3 main events, Birth-o-Ween, Christmas and Easter.
  • Expect some more frequent updates, reason for not posting some frequent posts is school, now my "agenda" is a little bit more free.
  • Screenshots of the Month and Concept of the Month should disappear, Thoughts and Ideas should be the main priority now.
  • More videos should come,  the Birth-o-Ween quest video is already posted on the right and on the official Youtube channel.
  • More Victor Hawkins updates should come.
  • Finally, the blog should have an official Twitter by the end of November, just to add some more "social" to itself.
Pirate101 Aquila Concept Art

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