Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rajah, a world in the far future?

If you've passed through the world of Marleybone, you've certainly talked with some tigers, tigers that said that they once met your parents, in a world of name Rajah, the tigers homeland.
Now, we don't have much information of Rajah, we know Marleybone as a colony there, it's an exotic world, and we can deduct based by how the tigers are dressed that it's based around India/Saudi Arabia. The tigers seem to be the main species there.

There are 2 companions people get that are from Rajah, Buccaneers get Bagha Khan, a Tiger Auxiliary (Swashbuckler) and Privateers get Kzinti Singh, a Kurgha Captain.
Bagha Khan
Now, even though they are both tigers, we can tell the differenc, the Tiger Auxiliary looks like a normal tiger, but we can cleary spot that the Kurgha Captain is from the white tiger species, clealry stating that if we ever go to Rajah, we would find different species of tigers, not just one.

What could we find more in Rajah? My guess goes to Elephants, Monkeys (different species from the ones on Monquista) and Leopards, of course there are many more animals in India, but these seem the most likely the appear (in my opinion of course).

So, resuming, if we ever go to Rajah, expect an India like world, with tigers, lots of mystic isles and adventures!
Any opinions/ideas on this? Write them in the comments!

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