Monday, August 5, 2013

Shark Week is on Pirate101!

If you haven't checked the Pirate101 Facebook page or don't have a Facebook Account, KI just announced that by putting the code "teeth" on the code redeem page on their website you can win a shark mount on P101 and W101 for 7 days!
You get a Hammerhead Mount on P101 and a Swift Shark Mount on W101.
Go put the code now and enjoy this Shark Week!


  1. Hello, TugaPirate! You have a very nice, clean blog that distributes news effectively. I'd love to see how you write a topic of your own. :)
    Also, could you add my site to your blogroll? I'll add yours to mine straight away. - Thanks!

    D.S. Devereaux

    1. Oh, I know your blog!
      It's a very good one, I'll add it to the blogroll right away! Thanks for being part of the community, I know your blog well too!