Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pirates de Mayo! Fiesta!

Saludos pirates! This month we celebrate "Pirates de Mayo", a big festive party in Cool Ranch, gather all your crew and celebrate!
With this promotion, the following items get a 30% Crowns discount in the Crowns Shop:

  • Froggo Villa Companion*
  • Goronado Companion*
  • Crazy Monquistador Companion*
  • Mustang Gaucho Companion*
  • Martin Valvida Companion*
  • Moresco de Valvida Companion*
  • De Bonzo Skiff
  • Goronado Figure Head
  • Armor Fuerte Ship Armor
  • Prancing Pony Mount (Fast)
  • Prancing Pony Mount (Very Fast)
*Companions unlocked as you progress through the game
Gracias to KingsIsle you can also get a free Novillero's Hat! Click here and enter the code "bueno", hurry up because you can only get this free hat until 5th of May!
Check out the official Fansites list, many of them are doing contests where they are offering 2,500 crowns and free Gobbler piƱatas!
Buenas Fiestas a todos!

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