Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pirate101 Test Realm - #3

Marleybone and Aquila

Everybody get pumped, the new big update is here for you to test it, click here to download now the Test Realm.
Here's the highlights for this new update:
  • Travel to Marleybone and join the Royal Navy to get the next map piece
  • Sail to the beautiful land of Aquila to find Argos, the Cyclops
  • Meet characters like Hawkules and a guest star from Wizard101
  • Bazaar is here, sell and buy your items from the Spiral
  • New tutorial! If you have an extra slot and time, get on to test the new improved tutorial
  • New gear, weapons and ships
  • Get new excting companions!
  • Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard and The Magnificient Seven can promote through this new update
  • New rental mount vendor on Skull Island
  • Turret Bosses! Have fun with your friends blasting very powerful turrets across the Spiral
And many more changes here, check out the Test Realm Update Notes!

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