Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pirate101 Test Realm! - #1

The First Pirate101 Test Realm Opens!

Yesterday, the first Pirate101 Test Realm was announced and if you have a membership, or bought crowns in the last 30 days, you can download it now here.
I will quote what I think it's the most important things:
  • Increased running speed of many units in combat to decrease waiting time.
  • Changed the rules for late arrivals to combat! The goal was to make players joining a multiplayer combat less painful for the person already in combat.
  • Combat occurs as it would normally if a player arrives in combat on the first round. Players will appear on the left side of screen with their companions and multiple creatures will appear on the right side as expected.
  •  Fixed the quest “If I was a Rich Rooster” so the Buffaloons now correctly drop their hides.
  • Further adjusted the drop rate of White Buffaloon meat for the quest “Hungry Like the Wolf,” and made changes to the difficulty of defeating the associated buffaloons.  
  • The White Buffaloons have mysteriously departed and in their stead come the striped Bumbaloons! The spiral is sure to be buzzzzzing about these creatures!
  • Changed the Goronado companion so he will now promote correctly.
  • Adjusted the size of some larger companions so they now appear smaller when following the player in the world, which corrects a few camera issues. These units will be full-sized in combat.
If you want to see the other updates, check the Test Realm Update Notes!

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