Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Map and the Ninja!

Pirates of the Spiral, how are ya?
This week, some people got a strange mail at home, the Marco Pollo's Map!!
If you ever subscribed to Wizard101 and you live in the US, watch out for your mail, cause you may get one of these, some people already got it, and it looks like this:
thanks to Johnny of Pirate101 Central
The map has a riddle, and if you solve it, you can get a code that if you redeem, you will get a special companion, a Ninja Pig companion!
Unfortunaly, I'm portuguese and didn't received a map but a very nice person of Pirate101 Central (Daniella) gave me a code for the Ninja Pig companion, I was really excited and here is how he looks.
Also, some people on Pirate101 Central already promoted it, and when he promotes, he just looks awesome, check out his 2 promotions:
thanks to ajbubbles of Pirate101 Central

thanks to Cret92 of Pirate101 Central

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