Monday, September 3, 2012

My Thoughts On #1 - Darkmoor

Hello mateys! This is my first "My Thoughts On" where I give my ideas, suggestions and thoughts about anything of the game, today, I'm gonna give my thoughts on Darkmoor.
Everyone's been wondering whether Darkmoor will be a P101 or a W101 world, in my opinion, it will be a Wizard101 world.
One day, J Todd Coleman posted a concept art of a world, I'm 99,99% shure that it's Darkmoor.

The concept it's very well done and pretty neat, it shows a halloween/dark magic style of world, we also have a tower in the top, this, of course it's not the whole world but it's part of it.

1 - I think it's gonna be a Wizard101 world because Madame Vadima comes from there, but she's a witch, the female counterpart of wizard.
2 - It makes more sense being a Wizard101 world because it's more wizardish.
3 - Its true that it appears in the Pirate101 stormgates but almost every world in the spiral appears.
4 - The prophecy of Morganthe (the current main villain in Wizard101) is: "The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall", The part of the mirror refears to Mirror Lake (Zafaria), the part of the horn refears to the horn in Avalon and maybe the part of the shadows refers to Darkmoor since Darkmoor is also a foggy and shadowy world.

Well, here are my thought, leave comments if you want and stay with a picture of a pirate ship seeing Darkmoor while sailing trough a Stormgate.

Image from Pirates of The Spiral

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