Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Classes - Buccaneer

Ahh, Buccaneer, what a class. Well, buccanners are strong pirates, they use mostly brute strenght, they use the heavier armors and are well know as the tanks! If you are a buccaneer, rely on your brute strenght and courage and you may emerge victorious.

The Blade Storm

The Blade Storm is the Buccaneer signature move, just use it and you will get and extra attack if you drop and enemy in combat, not bad ahm?


If you are a Buccaneer, you must know Mordekai don'tcha? Mordekai is the Buccanner teacher, a well know strong Hammerhad, acctually, the last of his clan. Captain Avery freed him from a Monquistan prison more that twenty years ago. He's know Avery's bodyguard and trains new recruits in the art of being a Buccaneer.

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