Thursday, August 23, 2012

Systems - Skyways and Stormgates

In Pirate101 you will not travell trough the 7 Seas, here you will travell trough the air, by the Skyways, that's super cool! But beware, there you can find many enemie ships and wild life, you can find Battacudas and face some sand hurricanes!
If you wanna travell faster and safer, go trough the Windlanes, those colourfull lifes will guide you trough the Skyways in safety.
There are countless Skyways in the Spiral, you can even travell trough the skyways of Dragonspyre, Santo Pollo and Aquila.

You do wanna get caught on theses, these are whirpools in the Skyways named Stormgates, they will take you to a space-like atmosphere where you will travel from world to world, It's a unique experience in Pirate101 and you will love it.

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