Thursday, August 23, 2012

Systems - Companions

What would a pirate be without his own crew? Well, the Companions is a new system in Pirate101, you can get members called Companions to your own crew, c'mon, how cool is that? All the companions are different and you can earn them trough missions and other events, there are lots and lots of different companions, and I mean, lots and lots! Every companion has his own backstory and there are also missions that they give you, level up your companions and you will not regret.
Here you can see a list of companions that a pirate has (thanks to
 See? They are all diferent, and the companions also have classes, the Privateer is the class where you get more companions. Your first mate will be the one who will run side-by-side with you and will always join your battles.
If you level up you companions they will gain a more cooler look, what are you waiting for?
Level up all of your companions, even the ones that you don't like, and you will have a super crew, good luck!!


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