Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Factions - Water Moles

The Nui & Waponi

"Tribes of Water Moles dwell across Skull Island, living in their humble villages and plying the Skyways in their canoes. Since the coming of the colonial powers, their power is waning: many tribes are no more, and many others have given up their ancestral ways to serve the Monquistans as miners and laborers. The two largest tribes that remain have responded to changing times in very different ways:

The Nui:
Residents of Rapa Nui, the Nui tribe are peaceful - they trade with everyone, offering rare herbs, fish, and potions in trade for the mystifying trinkets and baubles the big folk bring them from other realms. Jovial and friendly, the Nui are well-liked by traders and Pirates alike.

The Waponi:
The silver-haired Water Moles who dwell at the foot of the great volcano Waponi Wu have renounced their traditional ways: they worship a fire god instead of their ancestors, and have taken up arms against everyone they see as intruders in their realm - essentially everyone. Their blood feuds with the Nui are ancient and legendary, but their hostility toward everybody else is no less intense."

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